Sunmi L2 Dayanıklı Android El Terminali ( Görsel Test)

Genel Özellikler

* 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-Core İşlemci
* Android 7.1 İşletim Sistemi Üzerinde Sunmi OS
* 2 GB RAM ve 16 GB ROM
* 5.5” Projected Capacitive Dokunmatik Ekran
* 1280 x 720 Çözünürlük
* Opsiyonel Zebra 2D Barkod Okuyucu
* IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
* Bluetooth 4.0, BLE, Dahili GPS
* Dahili 3G/LTE Data Modülü ve Çift SIM Kart Yuvası
* Entegre 5MP LED Flaşlı Kamera
* 3.7V/5000 mAh Yüksek Kapasiteli Pil
* Dahili Hoparlör ve Mikrofon
* Opsiyonel NFC Okuyucu ve PSAM Slotu
* IP67 Sızdırmazlık Yalıtımı ve -20°C ~ +55°C Çalışma Sıcaklığı
* 2 Yıl Garanti

Sınırsız Esneklikten Doğan Benzersiz Performans ve Güç

Exquisite heart under the shell of rugged design.

Sunmi L2 Dayanıklı Android El Terminali Özellikleri


Sunmi L2 Dayanıklı Android El Terminali Özellikleri

Android 7.1 Nougat

Sunmi L2 Dayanıklı Android El Terminali Özellikleri

2.3.18 Edition

The capacity of SUNMI L2 is 2GB RAM + 16 GB ROM SUNMI OS is an operating system deeply optimized & improved based on Android, which supports the installation of App based on Android system, and is deeply customized for intelligent commercial scenarios. All have been handled to the point in terms of operating experiences, performance improvement and scenarized design, which have made the commercial devices cleverer, more intelligent and more powerful.

Optional Zebra code scanning head can meet more customer requirements across industrial & commercial consumption fields.

1. Damaged, dirty or poorly-printed codes can be easily identified by optional Zebra 1D/2D code scanning head.

2. Equipped with rear autofocus 5.0MP camera with built-in flashlight, it can easily cope with various scenarios such as payment & coupon verification.

Three configuration options for your choice.

International brand Zebra code scanning head/international brand Honeywell code scanning head/no code scanning head


The automatic purchase-sales-inventory management system can be established based on commodity barcode to increase the commodity turnover speed and reduce the error occured in purchase, sale and inventory.


You can easily read multiple bar codes simultaneously via this powerful code scanning device paired with broad code scanning view. It has promoted the picking & warehousing efficiency and can enable you to map out a strategy of warehouse management.


Quickly obtain the patient’s information by scanning the barcode on their wristbands to ensure the accuracy & privacy of the information, as well as to manage the purchase, sale and inventory of medicine to have a dynamic tracking on medicine, thus providing hardware foundation to the formation of closed-loop management medical treatment.

Agricultural Trade

Devices can easily be dropped accidentally or getting damp in wet and crowded market, but L2, which is professional & reliable, can ensure you a high-efficient operation in aforementioned environment.

Law Enforcement

Applicable scenarios include security management, information control, personnel management and household survey.
The professional code scanning head is capable of quick and accurate identification, which can further raise the intelligence & informatization level of basic management.


High capacity battery.

The battery can sufficiently meet the electric quantity required by all-day-long worktime, and no device need to be replaced for new shift. Throw away heavy charge pal.

Under ideal conditions, 10 hours = 1 shift, 2 shifts = 20 hours

IP 67 protection rating.

Overall dust tight, Immersion up to 1m, survival from a drop within 1.2 meters.
Operating temperature range is as wide as -20°C~55°C

P 67 ingress protection rating.
6 dust tight: no ingress of dust; complete protection against contact.
7 short time anti-soaking: ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion).
Dropping standard: the test ground is made of marble.

Only scenario friendly design is excellent.

Equipped with 5″ HD IPS screen, L2 is more suitable for mobile working.The lanyard hole design minimizes the possibility of accidental dropping to almost 0%.You can operate L2 with your glove, offering you smooth operation in rainy & snowy day.You can set shortcut functions as you wish via customizable buttons, which makes you one step ahead.

Sunmi L2 Dayanıklı Android El Terminali

Charging base.

Ensure good performance for L2 day & night.

Overwhelming capability.

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On-Site Mobility


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